Sunday, August 31, 2008


February 19, 1935
Dorothy Day writes, "It is just after midnight and I have been sitting in the outer office alone with two mad creatures with God in their hearts. All three of us tormented in our various ways, all three of us alone, so completely alone too. Karl's madness consists of going in for astrology--it is his passion and it must be regarded seriously."

I am reading "The Duty of Delight" (among other books and articles) and I was struck by this section of her 1935 writings. I feel as if we have all met a few different Karl's in our lives, so serious, so passionate and consumed by a topic, a new found love, or a tragedy yet to be experienced. Yet, when we meet Karl, it is typically easy to dismiss his curiosity and claim it only as foolishness and obsession. But, today, Dorothy reminds me to regard this as serious. 

Right now, I am Karl, in fact, in some ways I am Karl, Dorothy and the third party. Alone, yet surrounded, in a large city, with so much to be discovered and revealed about the world and myself. This revelation seems to be right before me, but at this point, it is consumed itself, or at least lost in its own passion. 

I do not remember who, or when, but I do remember hearing a quote from some woman once that-- 'boredom's only cure is curiosity, while the cure for curiosity is nonexistent'. The passion within me that has swallowed the revelation of today and yesterday, is that of curiosity. The cure is yet to exist, yet to be discovered, so step back Tolle. 

--On a different note, today we celebrated Trinidad's Independence--46 years ago today, Trinidad broke free and became an independent. 

607 days ago, I became interdependent, free-standing and thinking within the Adrian Dominican Sisters. That is worth a beer. If we don't celebrate now, we never will!

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